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Perfect BIM Software for VT-Consultants

3D BIM models and a Common Components library let you quickly and easily create visualizations for tenders.


Leading VT-Consultants trust DigiPara

"I have never been able to create BIM models for the entire technical building equipment so easily and quickly."

Jens Kuhfuss
TÜV SÜD Lift-Betriebsmanagement

"The Materials Handling department has been successfully using DigiPara Liftdesigner for several years for the manufacturer-neutral planning of elevator systems and escalators. We are following the BIM strategy of the OBERMEYER Group with this. The stored, marketable components enable faster generation and adaptation of planning drawings."

Oliver Effing
OBERMEYER Gebäudeplanung GmbH & Co. KG

Quickly create elevator BIM Models online

Flexibly adaptable elevator components allow you to plan any construction situation freely. This means you remain free in your choice of manufacturer.

2021 Software for VT Consultants

Perfect 2D Drawings using DigiPara Liftdesigner

Retrieve the appropriate BIM model for your 2D drawing at any time without having to create it separately. The 3D BIM model is available for all LOD levels and supports established BIM standards.

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DigiPara Liftdesigner Standard

Stay flexible in elevator planning - With Common Components and BIM models.

Take full control of your elevator projects


Create installation drawings in minutes.

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Give your customers direct access to your BIM models.


Create installation drawings in minutes.

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Click installation drawings and BIM models together.

VT Consultants

Create BIM and CAD models at the touch of a button.